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So I’m part of this awesome thing….

I‘m a member of a team involved in the Kapco Charitable Challenge. We have 20 days and $1000 to do something really cool for the community. The details of what we are doing are not quite here yet, but you can visit our website: or our Facebook page: or follow us on Twitter: I’ll let you know more soon, and for now just watch for updates on the website, facebook page, and twitter account!

Well, this is the first of (hopefully) many random reviews, thoughts and other crap…

I‘ve decided to make a blog. It just came to me today, at work, when I was thinking. Thinking about being back at school with the one I love and my friends and yeah. I’m almost there. I can’t wait. I decided that I should combine my interest in movies and books and random stuff with a little bit of internet. This is the monster-of-Frankenstein-like product: A BLOG!

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