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Breakfast Cereals, Ranked

I eat breakfast every single day, and most days I eat cereal.  When I say cereal, I don’t mean that dog food stuff that some people eat or the cardboard that others eat.  I eat cereal that tastes great, and may or may not be that great for me, though mostly the fact that I’m eating breakfast is what is really important.

The rules for this list are simple.  First, every cereal on this list is still manufactured and sold in stores.  Someday I may do a tribute to great cereals that are no more.  Second, every cereal on this list I have personally tasted.  While you’d think this would severely shorten my list, you’d be wrong.  I’m a cereal lover and connoisseur.  Finally, I’ll add there are not many cereals on this list one would consider healthy.  I usually steer clear.  Cereals like Special K, Total, Kashi, etc. are not on this list because I don’t eat them.  And I probably won’t in the future, unless you convince me otherwise in the comments.

Without further ado, here is my list of breakfast cereals, ranked: Continue reading

The Harry Potter APOCALYPSE

Read my paper, The Harry Potter Apocalypse on how Harry Potter is apocalyptic from a Christian perspective.

Another Theological Paper:

Would Luther Approve of Lutherans Today? by Jimmy Pautz

A brief theological break….

Fellowship Without Tolkiens Rings by Jimmy Pautz

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