Going in to see Wall·E, I didn’t know what to expect. I’d seen the previews (about a million times…) and was hoping it would be better that they advertised it. I was actually quite annoyed with the previews, but was pleasantly surprised with the film.

The CG in the film was flawless. It seems that they (Disney/Pixar especially) are perfecting the art of the computer animated film. [Although Disney vowed that the 2D animated cartoons were dead after 2004, I heard that they were developing another classic cartoon :)]

Here’s a quick (not detailed) summary of the movie. People don’t recycle. The earth gets too garbaged up. The movie’s equivilant of Wal-Mart builds a space home for everyone on earth. They ship the people to space and give them technology that makes everyone fat, while robots clean the garbage. The robot die off. One robot survives. His name is Wall-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter Earth-Class). He meets EVE (a new robot). They go to space. Mishaps happen. Happily ever after. Moral of story is recycle or get fat in space. The end.

This movie (rated G) is obviously a family film. Don’t expect a lot of swearing, sex, violence…but you can expect to enjoy yourself. It runs 97 minutes.

8 ramheads out of 10