Just minutes ago I returned from the movie theatre upon seeing Sherlock Holmes (2009). I must say, I was thoroughly entertained! Robert Downy Jr. (Holmes) is spectacular and his Golden Globe was much deserved.

This film did was movies are supposed to do: entertain. The acting was solid. The story was definitely a Sherlock Holmes mystery, very well written. The music (by Hans Zimmer) was spectacular. It was the best music I’ve heard since Harry Potter 6. Here’s a song that’s not on the soundtrack, but featured in the end credits:
This film looks really good. London looks great. Great filmography. The only thing missing is the fabled term “Elementary” from Holmes’ dialogues with Watson.

If you haven’t yet seen it, go ahead!

P.S. They are already planning a sequel, and Brad Pitt is probably going to be the villain.

Sherlock Holmes runs 128 minutes and is rated PG-13. Most kids would be fine watching this one…. 9 ramheads out of 10 for a purely entertaining experience.