Julia Child was one of the most influential Americans to the “servantless” housewife. She taught America to cook and, more importantly, to eat. Julie and Julia is the story of two similar woman, in two different periods of time. It follows Julia Child learning to cook in France and Julie Powell, cooking through Child’s cookbook and blogging about it in Queens.

Meryl Streep does a brilliant job as Child and Amy Adams really gets you to root for her. Stanley Tucci does an awesome job as Paul Child (Julia’s husband). I thought the film-makers did a good job recreating the 50s Paris…and the 2002 New York. I was pleasantly surprised when this film featured married couples, and not just people living together. Dang society, making immorality the norm….

It is a cute little movie that will appeal mostly to those who can appreciate Julia Child and her impact on cooking in America. I took my fiance to see it last night, she grew up on Baking with Julia on PBS and she loved the movie. I can appreciate it, but it isn’t my favorite movie by any means. It is a cute, funny, heartwarming movie for any American who loves food, with a side of humor. If you have ever watched Julia Child, you will probably enjoy this movie.

The film is still in theatres, runs 123 minutes and is rated PG-13 for some language. Younger kids wouldn’t really get it. Older kids probably wouldn’t either. I wouldn’t bother taking them to see it unless they’ve seen Julia Child cooking shows.

I’ll give it 8 ramheads out of 10 for being a pleasantly nice movie.