Most toilet paper holders are functional, but are frustrating. They are frustrating mostly, because they are overly complex. The other frustrating thing about traditional, spring-loaded toilet paper holders is living with people who are too lazy to replace an empty roll. The new roll just sits on top of the old one, making the entire holder useless.

the worst

Possible solution #1: bidet

The solution used in many other countries is to eliminate the need entirely, via a bidet. This is something that has crossed my mind as something to try, but I’m not ready to commit.

Possible solution #2: a better design

This is the route I chose to take. Finding a design with an open end, not requiring anything spring-loaded has drastically improved my life. You may scoff, but the amount of stress caused by someone not replacing the toilet paper builds up. Open ended design removed that spring-loaded barrier and all is well