My brother got High School Musical 3 from the library, so I figured I’d watch it before I judge it. I’ve seen the first two: I didn’t mind the first, but wasn’t a fan of the second one. Those were both Disney Channel original movies that were made for TV, but the third was a full theatre release film, complete with a real budget. Did they use it for good?

Simple answer: no.

HSM3 was boring until the last 20 minutes, had pretty horrible dialogue, and disappointing music. The dialogue was detached and poorly acted. The setting/attempted theme was very relevant but they didn’t use it well. It was rather disappointing. The music was pretty bad, except for a few songs (which were reminiscent of the first movie).

There are two things this film has going for it: dancing/choreography and the already developed likable characters (from the other two movies). The filmmakers should have used the extra money to hire better writers and directors instead of the gimmicks that they featured (there were a lot of stupid gimmicks) and they would have made a halfway decent film…BUT, they didn’t.

High School Musical 3 runs 112 minutes (it felt like longer) and is rated G. I give it a disappointing 3 ramheads out of 10.