I have heard a lot of great reviews of Pulp Fiction (1994) and decided to get it from the library. I started watching, ignoring the obscene language because of the great reviews. As I watched, the language was lessening as the film rolled on, so I was pleased. But about an hour into it, I decided to stop watching. This film was not logical, it was really obscene, and was not at all entertaining. A story was almost nonexistent, and I was done. I have limited experience with Quentin Tarantino films, and Pulp Fiction really let me down. I’ve heard good things about Inglorious Bastards, but after watching Pulp, I have less interest in seeing it. Whatever Tarantino was trying to do or say in his film…I didn’t buy it.

Pulp Fiction runs 154 minutes and is rated R. Definitely DON’T show this to kids. I give it 1 ramhead out of 10.