Everyone I’ve talked to whose seen Fight Club (1999)raves about it, so I figured I’d watch it…

I was pleasantly surprised with the complexity and the story, but unimpressed with the language: this film has a lot of strong language.

In brief, Fight Club is an excellent film, one that you can watch more than once, but there is a lot of language. The violence, which is also prevalent, doesn’t really bother me, but the language does. I know it is necessary for the story, but still. I’ve discovered that I like the movies that have limited strong language better than those with it a lot of language. I think it is because of the way I was raised.

The acting is flawless: Brad Pitt, Edward Norton, and Helena Bonham Carter are all great. The filmography is excellent and the music is perfect. ’nuff said.

I acknowledge this films awesomeness, and wouldn’t mind seeing it again. Fight Club runs 139 minutes and is rated R. DO NOT show this to kids. Not even close. I give it 9 ramheads out of 10 (one ramhead taken for the language).