So I haven’t posted in a while. So what. I’ve been tired, lazy, and frankly enjoying summer. But part of enjoying summer is watching some movies. Some older ones, some newer ones, and some in 3D! So here’s a quick review of a bunch of movies I’ve seen somewhat recently:

Monsters Vs. Aliens (In 3D) -2009-
This movie was quite funny, suitable for all ages, features a good story, and the 3D was sweet. AND there was only gimicky moment of 3D, right at the beginning. I give it 8 ramheads out of 10. It runs 95 minutes.Up (In 3D) -2009-
This movie was funny, heartwarming, will entertain kids from ages 5 to 85, and the 3D was like second nature. It felt so right. The only thing telling me that I was watching in 3D was the glasses (which I kept). I really enjoyed this movie and it really hit me in my heart. 9 ramheads out of 10. It runs 96 minutes.The Princess Bride (not in 3D) -1987-
INCONCEIVABLE! This movie is a classic. I’ve never heard anyone say they disliked this movie. It features a solid cast, funny moments, action, cheesiness, and it’s a love story(but not a chick flick). What more can anyone ask for a movie? It is definitely a family film. Everyone should watch it. I give this movie 10 ramheads out of 10. It runs 98 minutes.

Jurassic Park -1993-This movie is directed by Steven Spielberg, was the true start and key to development of CG special effects, features an amazing story and great cast. It also co-stars Jeff Goldblum. I wouldn’t recommend it to younger children due to some scary/violent moments. This is a wonderful film. 9 ramheads out of 10.
This is part 1 of my summer short movie reviews. (Hopefully I’ll see Transformers 2 and some other good ones. Harry Potter 6 will get it’s own review. No worries.)