Nope, this review has nothing to do with Kermit the Frog. I’ll be reviewing Shrek the Third (2007). I’m going to make this one quick.

Shrek doesn’t want to be king, so he has to find the only other heir to the throne. This turns out to be whiny Artie (voiced by Justin Timberlake). Prince Charming is the villain (who is also really annoying). Pretty much, there’s 40% good old Shrek, 50% annoying Artie and Charming, and 10% obnoxious happy ending. When I say obnoxious, I definitely mean it. Uber obnoxious.

This is the worst of the 4 Shrek movies.

Shrek the Third runs 93 minutes and is rated PG. I give it 4 ramheads out of 10.