That’s right, I have a job now!  Well, I had a job until the end of the year, but then I didn’t.  Now I have a sweet new job at a sweet company with sweet people.  I’m a software developer (in training) at Digital Measures (don’t worry, a new website is in the works and will be coming in a month or so) in Milwaukee.  I’m very excited and I enjoy coming to work.

This means I don’t have to use my time outside work to search for jobs anymore.  I still spend time with my wife and son, but I’ll definitely have more time to spend on writing this blog.

I’m actually in the process of writing a bunch of mini-reviews of movies that I’ve seen in the last several months, since my time in the last year on this blog has been a bit minimal.  I’ll continue to write some full length reviews and share my thoughts on the TV I’ve been watching as well.  (I’ve gotten into more survival TV that Discovery Channel puts out, and some other shows.)

I also plan to share my media server setup, which I put together after we got a Roku for Christmas.  I’ll even share some photos as well.

Finally, I’ve car camped my whole life and I love it.  I’ve decided to go a little ‘rougher’ and do some backpacking as well.  I’ll share some of my gear, and my experiences as a beginner backpacker.

Stay tuned.