The Matrix (1999) is the brain-racking story about how machines took over the world, and are creating a virtual world [The Matrix] that tricks the imprisoned humans’ minds. Neo (Keanu Reeves) gets called over to the real world (out of the Matrix) because it is thought he is the chosen one. Only through him can the war between the machines and the humans end. That is, if he is really the chosen one…

This film is a major thinker with an incredibly complex, inventive story. The most recent film I can think of that compares to it is Inception. If you have not yet seen this piece of filmographic history, I suggest you buy it now. (You can get the trilogy at Walmart for like $13).

The acting is spectacular. The music is good. The effects are awesome (even with today’s standards).

This film is in my top ten best films ever. It changed the way films were being made. It changed the way films were being watched. It definitely is a work of art.

The Matrix runs 136 minutes and is rated R. This is not a film you should show to your kids. I give it 10 ramheads out of 10.