I just finished watching Paranormal Activity (2007) and have to be blunt…it really wasn’t scary. This low budget ($15,000) horror film is the type of film that amplifies your feelings and expectations for it. I was expecting to see some cheap effects and “weird” stuff happening. I got just that. If you expect to be scared, you probably will be. If you aren’t a Christian, you will probably be even worse off because you can’t find comfort in God and His promises.

This film is shot “home video” style. There is no music, no computer generated effects (except for the end–which is really not the original ending), no real script. The actors just got an outline of the story and improvised it along. Because of this movie’s success they made another (and another). I probably won’t see them.

I wasn’t too impressed, but I watched it because of the hype. Paranormal Activity runs 86 minutes and is rated R for language(there is quite a bit of it…). Not really a family film. I give it an “I-could-have-made-it-if-I-wanted-to” 3 ramheads out of 10.