hile watching Avatar for the first time, all I could think was, “Wow.” Ever since I left, all I could think was, “I want to see it again.” I actually did see it again. Yeah, I loved Avatar.

To start, James Cameron’s epic was visually amazing. The Na’vi looked real. Pandora looked stunning. The creatures were convincing. The human weapons, ships, robots were also realistic and believable. But enough about the CG and special effects, what about the story?

Many action movies and sci-fi movies don’t have much of a plot. Avatar does not fall in this category. Cameron layers this story, intertwining numerous different themes.

The first evident theme is shown by Colonel Quaritch (Stephen Lang). Quaritch is hardcore, hardened military man. He shows no mercy to his enemies and is quick to decide you are his enemy. He had an unwavering prejudice of the Na’vi and those who side with them. He is eager to fight them. The underlining theme here is that some like Quaritch fight first, ask questions later. Military is shown in a negative light in this film, but it really isn’t military, they are hired “security”. This brings me to the next theme woven into this film.

The next theme is that of corporate greed. Parker Selfridge (Giovanni Ribisi) is trying to please shareholders by destroying the home of the Na’vi to get the conveniently named unobtainium. He needs to make money at all costs. We see this around us every day. Greed. Love of money above the lives of others. It is sad, but true.

Another theme I’ve noticed is that of love. Jake falls in love with Neytiri. Cameron is good at telling stories like these (Titanic). Just to be clear, though, this is NOT the main theme. Sure it is there, but it does not consume the story.

I’ve only touched on those themes that are evident to me and more obvious. I’m sure there are many more–I just thought of one: redemption–but I just wanted to convey that this film is much more than pretty visuals and action. There is a heart and soul to this movie.

There was solid acting all around. They aren’t the biggest names in the film industry, but the actors in this film do their job. The musical score in this film is good, not great. James Horner’s score in some places is spectacular and in others somewhat generic. I’ve listened to it separate outside the movie (and obviously during the film) and I like it. It doesn’t match his work in Titanic, but it does the job well. On a side note, this movie doesn’t feature unnecessary sex scenes, swearing, or any other garbage featured in a lot of today’s movies; I was pleasantly surprised.

Finally, the 3D is cool, but not needed. I think in someways it really adds, but really, the film doesn’t need 3D to be a great film.

P.S. Cameron said if Avatar is successful, he might make up to 2 sequels to it.

I expected to enjoy this movie, but not this much. I’m not going to give any more away. I was truly drawn into the Avatar experience. I think you can be too.

Avatar runs 162 minutes and is rated PG-13. I give it 10 ramheads out of 10.