My parents watch It’s a Wonderful Life (1947) every single Christmas and for the first time, I watched it all the way through. I was really impressed with the amount of humor, the warmth, and the message…all without color.

George Bailey is a talented, likable, above average guy living in Bedford Falls. Bedford Falls has the opposite of opportunity for a guy like him. Through many different happenings, he is constantly held back from his opportunities. Even through all that he is wonderfully successful, marries a wonderful woman and has wonderful children. But he is tempted to suicide after a horrible mistake is made at his business.

God sends an angel (second class) to save him. This classic is original, heartwarming and shows that one person can have an huge impact on those around him.

It’s a Wonderful Life runs 130 minutes of black and white awesomeness. It is a great family film and shows that the bells and whistles of technology don’t make a movie. I give it 10 ramheads out of 10.