Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a pet dragon? How to Train Your Dragon (2010) delves into the awesomeness and mystery of dragons and their dealings with vikings. It also wonders why Brett Favre ever became a Viking.

In this highly entertaining film, a young viking (only by name) somehow manages to catch the fastest breed of dragon. While he was always told to kill dragons on the spot, he couldn’t do it. He ends up befriending “Toothless” and learns to fly with him and do many other cool things. Because the vikings are sworn enemies of the dragons, he has to keep it all a secret. Interesting things happen (I’m not going to give anymore away).

I saw this film in 2D and it was really cool. I think 3D or IMAX would also be cool, but I enjoyed it muchly in 2D. This film had great themes and content; Fatherly expectations and family were some of them. Aside from it’s good themes, ti was funny, heart-warming, and full of action…plus it ended great too.

Also, the voice talent was superb, the music was nice and I was severely…
happy with this film.

I wasn’t expecting as much from this movie as I got, so I left the theatre quite chipper. This was the best animated film I’ve seen since Up.

How to Train Your Dragon runs 98 minutes and is a very family-friendly PG. I give it 9 ramheads out of 10. If you’re still confused about the Brett Favre thing, it was a joke.