I‘ve always enjoyed Ewan McGregor films. I haven’t seen alot of them, but the one’s I’ve seen have been excellent. He grows an awesome beard in Star Wars II and III, he is spectacular in Big Fish, and I love his first name. The Ghost Writer is no exception.

McGregor plays the character only named “The Ghost” in this brilliantly written suspenseful thriller. The difference between this thriller and alot of others out there is that this one is smart. The characters are very convincing, thanks to the acting. Ewan McGregor, Pierce Brosnan, and Olivia Williams all pull of award-worthy performances. The minor roles all had solid acting as well.

The other thing that sets this film apart is the ending. I’m not going to say how it ends, but I was extremely impressed. It is just good movie-making. It reminded me of how Citizen Kane ended.

The music in this film is very well done. Andre Desplat, the composer, did a great job assisting with the suspense and intrigue. The music in this film is putting me a little at ease about the fact that Desplat is doing the music for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 1.

This film was bloody brilliant in my opinion and I would highly recommend it. The Ghost Writer runs 128 minutes minutes and is rated PG-13. This isn’t too bad for kids, but younger ones probably wouldn’t get it. I give this film 10 ramheads out of 10.