It is fall. Here in Wisconsin the leaves are changing colors and the weather isn’t as hot. The new season of TV has also begun or will begin soon. Here are the shows I’m watching this fall:

Monday: Terra Nova, House (Both FOX)

Terra Nova is a new FOX show produced by Steven Spielberg about a family from the 2100s traveling back to prehistoric dinosaur time. Their future world is polluted and dying and they want to be part of a new civilization in the past. Don’t worry, they do a good job with the time travel explanation (it is a different branch of time). My only problem with the show is that it is set “85 million years back” and I don’t believe the world is that old. I can get past that one thing and it is a highly interesting show. There are mystery elements similar to LOST, there are dinosaurs, and there is Stephen Lang, who does an awesome job in this show.

I also caught the first episode of House this season and I’m impressed. I used to watch but it was getting monotonous. Same plot, different disease, but now with House in jail and the new characters, I see a lot of potential for a great season.

Tuesday: Parenthood (NBC)

My parents actually got me into this show, which is really family oriented and down to earth. The problems are realistic and the endings aren’t always perfect. Great cast, great story, great show.

Wednesday: Psych (premieres 10-12-11 on USA, also available on

Psych is a smart comedy detective show about a fake psychic and his buddy. Because of the thousands of pop-culture references, humor, and impressive cases, I’m hooked. The older seasons are also available on Netflix and Hulu Plus.

Thursday: Community, The Office (Both NBC)

This is Community’s third season and I’ll admit, it is starting with some weak episodes. I loved the first two seasons, so I still have hope. Definitely worth the watch.
[UPDATE] Episode #4 (Remedial Chaos Theory) Is AMAZING. Multiple timelines. Really funny. Well done. I think they are back on the right track.

The Office started its 8th season, the first without Michael Scott (Steve Carell). James Spader’s “Robert California” is awesome and I think Andy (Ed Helms) is starting to fit as the new boss. It’s not the same show, but the ensemble cast is taking it up a notch and it is still quite funny.

Friday: Fringe (FOX)

Arguably the best show on TV right now, Fringe is a sci-fi drama with the appropriate balance of weirdness, mystery, and relationships. Extremely well-written and acted, definitely worth a watch. John Noble’s “Walter Bishop” is amazing (and so is Walternate).

What are you watching?