A couple weeks ago, my dad asked me and Alyssa if we had seen any of HBO’s The Newsroom.  Neither of us had, so my dad told us to at least watch the opening scene.  We watched it right then and there.

After seeing those 8 minutes of excellent cinematography and even better writing, both of us were hooked.  Fortunately the first two seasons were streaming on Amazon Prime Video, and the third season we watched during our 30 day trial of HBO Now.  We finished the series (25 episodes) in two weeks, which says something, since we have two small children.

The first season was excellent, though I read critics who thought it was a bit preachy.  I didn’t think so, I thought it was really honest.

Here’s one good example about RINOs and the Tea Party.

The 2nd and 3rd seasons focus on broader season arcs and less on the actual news that is reported.

Should you watch it? Yes.

Overall, this is an addicting series, with excellent writing and acting.  It gets a bit political and there is a lot of adult language, but it is a great show.  It also made me look at Jeff Daniels much differently than this:

harry dunn