Yes, I know I’m late.  But when your sitting around this week with nothing to do (or staring into space at work because everyone else is on vacation), you really could be watching some of these entertaining, Christmas-themed TV episodes (in no particular order):

“A Very Topanga Christmas” – Boy Meets World

Topanga spends Christmas with the Matthews family and forces her family’s traditions on them.  It drives everybody (especially Cory) crazy.  He dozes off after fleeing the scene to Shawn’s and is awakened by Mr. Feeny as the Ghost of Christmas Future.

“Abed’s Uncontrollable Christmas” – Community

Abed sees everything in stop motion animation and they travel around a Christmas planet in search of the true meaning of Christmas.

“Gus’s Dad May Have Killed an Old Guy” – Psych

Shawn stays by Gus’s parents’ house at Christmas, trying to get with Gus’s sister in secret.  Meanwhile, Gus’s dad is the lead suspect in the murder of a neighbor and Shawn has to prove him innocent.

“The Polarizing Express” – Psych

Shawn travels around seeing what life would be like if he wasn’t there.  At first he’s being delusional and sees everyone as being really messed up without him (Sitcom Gus, his dad a fat mess, etc.) but then he sees the light.

“Christmas Party” – The Office

This first of many Christmas-themed episodes of The Office has Michael upset that he was getting a knitted oven mitt from Phyllis (he bought an iPod for Ryan) and he turns it into “Yankee Swap”.  Meanwhile Jim had a special gift for Pam that Dwight eventually gets.  It is a classic mess.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!